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The Elite Back Bracket Wingnut Cranking Handle

The Wingnut Cranking Handle

Super quick, super simple and super safe!

The Elite Cranking Handle is an excellent addition to carry in your Chef’s professional tool box

Any experienced spit roaster knows that once the pig has settled on the spit, and has been rotated half a dozen times, the Wingnuts always need tightening prior to scoring the pig

Until now finger tightening was the only option. During the all-important spit roasting process the Back Bracket Wingnuts require re-tightening several times until the pig is fully cooked

The Cranking Handle ensures the Wingnuts can be easily adjusted to maintain sufficiently tight Back Brackets. More importantly, during the cooking process, it is safe to tighten the Wingnuts again when required while removing the hazard of touching the hot Wingnuts, thereby greatly reducing any risk of burning fingers

The major advantage is at the end of your busy function! Removing wingnuts is now incredibly speedy even on heavily roast-soiled threads

The Elite Cranking Handle – for the professional Spit Roast Caterer

  • Super fast operation
  • Convenient to use
  • UK Manufactured in heavy-duty 304 Stainless Steel
  • Heat resistant operation
  • Quality rust free-construction
  • Hygienic & easy to clean
Back Brackets in use while spit roasting
Simple and quick to use
High quality British manufacture