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The Elite Spit Roaster - The UK's largest Spit Roast machine

The Elite Spit Roaster

UK Designed and manufactured, The Elite Spit Roaster will significantly improve your profit margins

The ultimate in professional rotisserie roasting

When your special event requires the absolute best in gourmet roasting and presentation

Get your diners talking in anticipation as they smell slow-roasted Pork and see perfect crackling slowly rotating on the spit

A professionally Spit Roasted Pig often forms the centrepiece of your dining experience helping ensure an enjoyable and memorable event

The Elite Spit Roaster - The ultimate in performance
Reaches over 300 degrees Celius - Ideal for creating superb crackling

300+ Degrees temperature

Large 100 kilo capacity

Substantially longer than other models, The Elite has the capacity to cook a pig up to 100 kilos with the head off, and 85 kilos with the head on, thereby increasing profit margins for the operator

Feed up to 300 guests from one machine, and with dual windows, both the chef and the customer can easily view the cooking process at any time without the need to lift the lids therefore retaining the temperature

One of the main design benefits of The Elite is that there are no gaps between the body of the roaster and the lids. This means the internal cooking temperature remains much hotter, up to 300+ Degrees Celcius, ensuring superb crunchy crackling every time

The Elite Spit Roaster - Reliably produces excellent crackling every time
The Elite Spit Roaster - Large 90kg (200lb) capacity
Sturdy Handle Bars

Roaster Handle Bars

Robust handle bars at the correct height, for ease of manoeuvrability and protection of gas fittings and pipe work. Designed with Health & Safety and convenience in mind

Dual Burner Bars

Dual Burner Bars

Dual stainless steel tubular burner bars run the full length of the roaster. Both are independently fed assuring total control of the cooking process and at all times

Quality, Lockable Wheels

Quality Wheels

Four large eight inch wheels, two of which are fully braked and easily manoueverable over soft or uneven ground. The larger solid wheels ensure care-free positioning

Quality Motor and Gearbox

Motor and Gearbox

Highly dependable Parvalux motor and gearbox fitted as standard. 12 months warranty fully supported at all times. Designed & manufactured in England to exacting standards

Large Insulated Handles

Large Insulated Handles

Never burn your hands on the lid with 3 large heat-shielded High Density Polyethylene handles with strong stainless spacer bars fitted to each lid

Quality Gas Fittings

Quality Gas Fittings

We only use fittings of the highest quality and spares and back-up support are available at all times

Heavy Duty Bearings

Heavy Duty Bearings

High quality bearings are mounted onto the main chassis box section for total support reducing the load on the motor & gearbox and ensuring smooth rotation

Quality Tools & Accessories

Tools & Accessories

All our tools are strong and reliable and are supported by our 12 month guarantee as standard. You need look no further for 1st class quality products and service