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Elite Hog Roast Seminars are back!

I am delighted to confirm my ever-popular Hog Roasting seminars are back

We're celebrating over 25 years supplying the very pinnacle of professional Hog Roasting equipment

The Pig prepping session

For those of you who have never seen this before, please join us and learn many practical hints and tips on how to prepare your pig to generate mouth-watering crackling and succulent moist pork.

Held the afternoon before, this 90-minute session is the perfect opportunity to see a full pig prepping demonstration.

This includes removing the tender-loins and the belly pork. I will explain how to pin the ears back so they don’t burn during the cooking process along with my diamond-scoring techniques to create succulent honeycomb crackling approximately 1” thick.

If you would like to join us for this and to secure your place, please let us know as soon as possible.

Pig prepping Session

Hog Roast Training

The new venue will also be used for hog roast training where you can become involved in a full real live hog roast. Unlike my competitors, I always believe in training our customers on a real event and where you have a queue of 100 people in front of you.

This is the only way to learn in my opinion. This will include the full pig preparation, cooking and carving and spending the whole weekend with us learning our techniques, first hand.

This will of course be on a first-served basis so book your place/s as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The Format

As usual our normal format includes all aspects of setting up a successful hog roasting business

  • Introductions by me, my experience in the industry since 1998 and introducing you to many experienced hog roasters in the room from around the UK
  • A full demonstration on the complete Elite Hog Roast range
  • Hog Roast Lunch with all the trimmings and try your hand and learn some of my carving techniques too
  • Guest speaker session
  • Pig selection and how to build your menu to create maximum profits from hog roasting
  • Marketing your business. How to win business, how to secure lucrative hotel contracts and, equally as important, which jobs NOT to take on.

A few snaps from previous days

Enjoy a FREE top-notch Hog Roast lunch!

[Left] Brett Hindle, one of our guest chefs preparing to feed the throng. [Right] Steve just getting started

Gain some real insight into how to make the most of your Hog Roasting business

[Left] Inspect the quality design and build of the Elite Roaster for yourself first-hand. [Right] Steve offering marketing advice

An overview of the day...

Feedback from Seminar attendees

We were very pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and openness of all those seasoned hog roasters that we met who did all they could to answer our questions frankly and helpfully. We were both made to feel welcome and valued. All in all a good start and a very informative day!

Clive Turner – West Sussex

I must say I felt certain that the day would really be about selling your equipment to us. How wrong I was - not once did anyone try and sell anything to me and this coupled with your excellent after-sales service and support means I will definitely be placing my own order with you very soon

Lynda Naftel – The Lancashire Hog Roasting Co.

Cashells of Crickhowell - Local Welsh Butchers and Deli

Just wanted to say thank you for your time and hospitality over the last couple of days.

I really appreciated the time and effort you spent with me showing me the tricks of the trade in preparing the hog before-hand, very informative and worthwhile!!!

And a big thank you to the great team you have around you. You all work well together and so friendly and ready to share their stories and so much advice, great insight to what’s involved in hog roasting from start to finish.

Thank you for a great day. I’ve plenty to think about in the next couple of days and decisions to be made, very soon!!

Please thank everyone in your team for their efforts and hospitality and I’ll be in touch soon

Kind regards, Durwyn

Durwyn Cashell– Cashell’s Butchers and Delicatessen


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The first real flatpack street food hut in the UK

Hi Steve

Thanks again for a great day and great food! Very informative session and has given me a lot to think about as I start the new year. Always good to meet fellow hog roasters in the business too, I never leave your seminars with out picking up something new from someone! Fantastic day.

Please do come over, it would be good to catch up again soon.

Craig Smith – Big Kahuna Huts


03337 720 328

Delivering an authentic & rustic hog roast experience

Hi Steve, thank you again for an excellent couple of days, it's truly inspiring to be with you and learn from you either at your residence or on one of your brilliant seminars, which I believe is a must for any potential hog roaster.

The confidence and knowledge gained on these seminars and prep sessions are second to none.

I can honestly say I would travel the 260 mile round trip weekly if I could, as your coaching/teaching style is so relaxed it's a pleasure to be there.

Great to see you again Steve, all the best and by the way I’m meeting two events managers next week so will keep you posted.

Kind regards, Dennis

Dennis Thompson– The Crackling Hog Guys


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Slow-cooked Pork Perfection
throughout Lincolnshire

Good morning Steve,

Once again a very well presented conference.

I think you touched on all the relevant subjects, and embroiled on the marketing side of things.

For myself I enjoyed the hands-on experience of preparing the hog on Tuesday night at your home and the more relaxed informal chat with you and the other attendees.

The next day it was also interesting chatting to the more experienced roasters who attended the seminar and hearing how the way they prepare their hog. (One did diamond-scoring and one didn’t).

But as always the talk was helpful and interesting. Will definitely be attending again. (The grub was great by the way).

Best wishes and chat again soon.


Keith Lawrence – The Wolds Hog Roast Company


07802 641 377

The Seasoned Sausage Co.

Hi Steve.

Both I and Melissa would like to thank you and your team for a wonderful seminar on the 31st August. We both found it very informative and useful. The day flowed nicely with a nice hog lunch, chatting to other hog roasters gaining from their experiences. Once again thank you.

Dan & Mel – Seasoned Sausage Co.


07920 162 603

Key Languages - Translating a colourful world

Dear Steve

I hope you've had a good weekend, can you believe we are now in October!

'I really enjoyed the day, it gave me a good insight into your company from sales through to individual marketing/promotion and for anybody thinking about purchasing an elite machine I would highly recommend attending this seminar, very informative, loads of information and plenty of examples of how and what to cook'

Best wishes

Kerry Robinson – Key Languages


01482 632 245

Hey Steve

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for the hospitality shown by you and your team over the past couple of days.

I just have to say how informative and interesting I found the whole experience. A good job well done with a nice open forum to take extra information from, I think the balance is good.

For me the next stage is to go back to my boss and have a frank conversation about the direction we take moving this aspect of the business forward.

So again my thanks and I have enough information with me to keep me busy

Best regards
John Swinton

Best Western - Hotels & Resorts

Morning Steve,

Thanks for your comments and although you will know only too well, the journey from Devon is a long one, I was delighted to have made the trip and found the event informative and enjoyable.

I found the experience of meeting other hog roasters really valuable and the way you encourage everyone to share their experiences very useful and I will certainly be briefing my team on what I learnt over the 24 hours spent together.

I have no doubt the tips I picked up will be useful and will help us move the business in the direction we want to go.

The key decision for me coming up is how big do we want to take it but whatever I feel we will probably be in the market for a new machine and trailer very shortly.

See you soon,

Rhys Roberts – Best Western Hotel, Tiverton


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Hi Steve.

Thank you for inviting us to the seminar this week - It was extremely useful, most enjoyable, and left us with a much better understanding of the Hog Roast business and what's involved in order to launch a successful business.

It was great to see the equipment first hand and more importantly to see it in use. I would suggest that attending the seminar is an absolute 'No Brainer' for anyone considering starting or expanding a Hog roast business!

Thanks once again - We'll be in touch soon

Kind Regards,
Ian & Graham

Lancashire's Tastiest Hog Roast!

This was my 3rd visit and I really think it was so very useful, as I saw from your excellent demonstration of the machinery, new ways I can use my existing set-up and new add-ones which I feel will enhance my service

I can honestly say that the level of support you have given me and continue to give is nothing short of astounding

I have never come across anything remotely similar as this extended family I now consider I belong to

I think the speakers you invite and the vast range of knowledge available for all to tap into is amazing

Kind regards, Lynda

Lynda Naftel– The Lancashire Hog Roasting Co.


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