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'I believe our Hog Roasting equipment is currently the best in the UK and Europe'

A bit about us...

We're celebrating over 25 years of providing superior Hog roast equipment and complementary business support services

Since 1998 we have been supplying Hog Roast machines and accessories to over 1200 customers both here in the UK, Europe and Asia

By listening to our customers' feedback and constant innovation, myself and the engineering experts have strived to perfect the design of the Elite range to ensure the ultimate in usability, flexibility, efficiency and reliability, for each and every catering job

Coupled with no-compromise materials & build quality and sourcing the very best in British engineering and manufacture we believe this product to be the best on the market, offering numerous simultaneous cooking options ensuring great value for money, increased profitability and an even better return on investment

Passionate about our products. Dedicated to our customers.

We train you. We cook with you. We support you!

Whether you're starting a business in the Hog Roasting sector for the first time, or you're a more experienced outside caterer, we believe we offer the most comprehensive range of innovative, professional Hog Roasting equipment throughout the UK and indeed Europe

Our top-of-the-range equipment is coupled with superior support! Unmatched personal service when you need it, after sales care and technical support, business support and marketing services

Hands on Training

Customer Benefits

Training You

When your Elite machine is personally delivered you automatically receive 1 hour’s FREE training

  • 1 hour's free training on the Elite
  • Comprehensive Operational Manual
  • Hints and tips on cooking and carving
  • Advice on sourcing meats and ingredients
  • Marketing Advice

Cooking with You

We offer the service of cooking with you at your first event

  • This includes preparing the pig for the spit or tray
  • Diamond scoring
  • Cooking and carving with you

In short, we remove any stress from your first event, ensuring that you are fully conversant with your Elite machine before we leave

Supporting You

As a valued customer of ours you automatically receive FREE the following on-going support

  • 24/7 Telephone Support
  • Dedicated personal internal support
  • Price guidance and menu selection
  • Free leaflet and poster design
  • Access to our extensive photo-library to help with your own marketing

With Steve Cullum’s Hog Roast Machines you are never on your own

An invaluable insight into Hog Roasting

FREE Monthly Seminars

Attend one of our FREE monthly seminars and see the Elite Range first hand!

Talk to our customers and meet experienced caterers in the industry

  • Choosing the right equipment
  • The right menu selection
  • How to increase your profit margins
  • How to market your business
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • How to gain repeat business
I stand by the quality of design & build and my commitment to real customer service

You can rest assured that this is an Elite professional roasting machine that performs all the time, every time

I personally guarantee it!

Steve Cullum

Steve Cullum
Elite Hog Roast Machines
Managing Director