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The Elite Full size Poultry Rack - 40 Chickens capacity

The Elite Poultry Rack

Spit Roast to succulent perfection up to 40 Birds in approximately 2½ hours

Increases profit margins

Requires minimal supervision and staff are easily trained

Available as a half length version too – 20 Chickens capacity

Attract more customers as they watch 40 Spit Roast Chickens turning on the Poultry Rack

Attract more cus­tomers as they watch & smell 40 Spit Roast Chickens rotating on the Poultry Rack

Designed for display, ease of use, efficiency and speedy clean-down

UK manufactured in heavy-duty 304 Stainless Steel

Perfectly roasts other types of meat such as Beef, Lamb or Pork Joints for even more flexibility

Ideal for the Chef where feeding a large number of diners in a short space of time is required

Perfect for publicans where the poultry can be served directly to the customers plate from The Elite Machine

Individual birds can be removed and served in turn by simply rotating the Rack by use of the Motor

Profes­sional Spit Roasting Equipment for dis­cerning Professional Chefs

Features 5 × 3-Pronged quick-release forks

Roasted Chicken and Poultry offer a very popular and healthy menu addition to Red Meats

Widens your menu offering

Guaranteed ease of use and speedy clean-down

The Elite Poutry Rack in the roasting position

Perfect presentation, a great crowd pleaser!

Easy access, quick release forks

Built to last quality

Built to last quality

Both Poultry rack options are manufactured in heavy gauge stainless steel. All parts easily dismantle for ease of cleaning and storage
Flat pack for storage

Flat pack for storage

Because the Poultry Rack is supplied in flat-pack format both assembly times and storage requirements are kept to a minimum
Large 40 Bird capacity

40 × Bird capacity

Up to 8 birds can be accommodated onto each of the 5 three-pronged forks, cooking 40 × 3lb chickens in under two-an-a-half hours
Extra profits!

Extra profits!

Increase your profit margins by producing as many as 80 meals and impress your customers at the same time
The Elite half size Poultry Rack - Can be used in conjunction with the Carousel for extra flexibility

The Elite Half-Length Poultry Rack

Maximise your menu offering and profit margin percentages by adding a half length Poultry Rack to your armoury

Spit Roasted Chicken is a real mouthwatering favourite offering tasty, healthy and profitable food

Cooks to perfection 20 Medium Chickens or equivalent in approximately 2½ hours

The Elite Carousel - Can be used in conjunction with the Half sized Poutlry Rack for extra cooking options

Can be used in conjunction with The Elite Carousel