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The Elite Large Capacity Carousels - Creating endless cooking options

The Elite Carousel

Specially designed to reliably deliver comprehensive cooking options

Impress your guests with a more varied menu offering simultaneous choices of differing fayre

Quickly and efficiently cook smaller cuts of meats

Use 2 carousels together to cater for mixed food types, Vegetables, Fish and Meat while avoiding food type cross-contamination

Ideal for cooking food enjoyed by younger diners

UK Manufactured in 304 food grade Stainless Steel

The Elite Half size Poultry Rack - Can be used in conjunction with the Carousel

Can be used with The Half-length Poultry Rack

The Half-length Poultry Rack is a great partner for either The Carousel or a 2nd Half-length Poultry Rack

Numerous menu options, greater profitability

Roasts 20 medium sized Chickens in approximately 2½ hours

Cook different products separately adding more flexibility to your menu

Cook comp­lementary products separately adding more versatility and range to your menu

Stackable baskets for efficient storage

Partially packs flat for ease of storage within The Elite Trailer

Easy, quick assembly and cleaning