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The Elite Product Range

Top-of-the-range, innovative, professional Hog Roasting equipment designed for the caterer with an eye for quality manufacture, efficiency, reliability, flexibility and value for money

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The Elite Spit Roaster

The Elite Spit Roaster

The ultimate in Roasting and presentation

Perfect for weddings or corporate events where the visual impact and theatre of a Spit roast is paramount

The Elite Wingnut Cranking Handle

The Wingnut Cranking Handle

Super quick, super simple and super safe!

The Cranking Handle ensures the wingnuts can be easily and speedily adjusted to maintain sufficiently tight Back Brackets or to release after serving

The Elite Hog Roaster

The Elite Hog Roaster

An efficient, professional Hog Roasting machine

Perfect for start-ups or existing businesses looking to upgrade or increase profitability

The Elite Hog Tray

The Elite Hog Tray Range

Roast a pig up to 80 kilos in the standard tray or for the event caterer, up to 120 kilos in the giant tray option

Perfect for the novice or the professional Hog Roast caterer

The Elite Heavy Duty Gel Oven Cleaner

Elite Industrial Oven Cleaning Gel

As every hog roaster knows, the worst job in the world is cleaning your machine after a busy Hog Roast event

This heavy duty gel is guaranteed to save you time and effort and it will leave your metalwork as clean and shiny as new

The Elite Hog Tray Back Support Bracket

The Elite Hog Tray Back Support Bracket

This clever accessory allows the pig’s back to be placed higher in the Hog Tray during the cooking process

Helps create superb, constistent crackling across the whole pig

The Elite Conversion Warming Kit

The Elite Conversion Warming Kit

Designed to keep the meat succulent and piping hot until extended serving times are completed

Also use for a variety of differing menu offerings too

The Elite Oven - Large capacity, flexible configurations, and easy to use

The Elite Multi-purpose Oven

Increases your servings capacity to 500-plus!

An easy-to-use, innovative, flexible, efficient and profitable piece of equipment

The Oven uses the same heat and gas as the pig you're roasting. Instantly improves your menu offering and provides alternative serving time opportunities

The Elite BBQ Hot Plates Griddle

The Elite BBQ Hot Plates

Designed for greater efficiency and to provide a broader menu offering

Griddle all the classic favourites while roasting your Pig using the same gas

The Elite Poultry Rack

The Elite Poultry Rack

Spit Roasts to perfection 40×3lb Chickens in under 2.5 hrs

Properly Roasted Chicken, an all-time favourite and crowd pleaser. A great tasting, healthy and profitable alternative to a Hog Roast

The Mini Poultry Rack option has a capacity of 20×3lb Chickens

The Elite Carousel

The Elite Carousel

Offers numerous flexible cooking possibilities

3×Large capacity stackable wire baskets per unit

Combine the Carousel with the Mini Poultry Rack for even more cooking options

The Elite Carving Stand - Combines ease-of-use with perfect, professional, serving presentation

The Elite Carving Stand

For the ultimate in professional carving and presentation

Perfect for creating real theatre for all prestige events

Free-standing or table top configuration

The Elite Trailer

The Elite Trailer

Arrive in style while effectively advertising your business!

Specialy fitted to safely and securely stow your roaster alongside your other catering equipment

The Elite Carving Plate

The Elite Carving Plate

Ergonomically designed to give you extra working space just where you need it

Can be positioned anywhere along the edge of the roaster

The Elite Starter Kit - Includes all the items required for a Hog Roast

The Elite Starter Kit

The perfect Starter Kit for anyone wishing to become a professional Hog Roast Chef

We personally use this kit to ensure a successful Hog Roast at every event