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The Elite Hog Tray - Available in standard and giant sizes

The Elite Hog Tray

Comfortably roast up to an 80kg Pig using the Standard Sized Tray and up to 120kg using the Giant Hog Tray

These extra-large heavy duty stainless steel capacity trays maximise the available roasting space and the number of portions offered and helps to ensure there is sufficient capacity to feed all of your diners whether at a private or public event

The drainage hole can easily be plugged (supplied) to retain cooking juices for either making gravy or for mixing to make superb tasting stuffing

The standard tray (with 2× support handles) can be placed above the giant tray generating a holding area for keeping already cooked produce such as jacket potatoes during the final cooking process of the pig

Combine either tray option with the optional Elite Conversion Warming Kit for superior performance, enabling you to serve many more customers over a longer period than normal while still keeping the meat piping hot and succulent

An optional Elite Side Carving Plate is also available generating an additional working area, ideal for the event caterer

A couple of pictures of real life, on-the-job Hog Tray Roasts

Both Standard and Giant sized Hog Trays in use at events

Reliable results, every time

Both size options of The Hog Tray provide peace of mind and no-nonsense dependability when you need it most, on a job!

The Hog Tray supports a wide range of flexible cooking options and techniques due to the ability to control the temperature from a low heat all the way up to 300+ degrees. Perfect for the professional caterer