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The Elite Hog Roaster - The UK's largest Hog Roast machine

The Elite Hog Roaster

UK Designed and manufactured, The Elite Roaster will significantly improve your flexibility and profitability

The Hog Roaster has been designed with ease of use in mind and is perfect for the novice and experienced roaster alike

Being larger than most models, the Elite enables you to not only cook a pig or a variety of meats or poultry to perfection, but it also has the capacity to cook a pig comfortably up 80 kilos, with a standard hog tray

Using the optional giant hog tray a pig up to 120kilo pig can be accommodated, generating extra profits for the user

The Elite Hog Roaster - The UK's largest Hog Roast machine

A variety of uses

One of the major advantages of the Elite Roaster is the ability to combine slow-cooking the pig while simultaneously cooking various types of food using interchangeable equipment

Add The Elite BBQ Hot Plates for instant extra cooking options. Use The Elite Conversion Warming Kit with either sized Hog Tray when serving for any length of time to ensure piping hot and delicious pork for the entire length of service

You can even cook to perfection a wide variety of produce in their own juices, ideal for Roasting Potatoes & other Vegetables, extra joints of Poultry, Meat and Fish alongside Sausages, Bacon, Eggs and other classics, when you combine The Hog Roaster with The Elite Oven using the same heat and labour, again, generating additional profits for the operator while creating further tasty menu options

Innovative Design Features

As well as being strong and reliable the machine has 2 viewing windows enabling the chef and customer to see the cooking in full flow, without the needs to lift the lids during the cooking process

Requiring no electrical power to cook is a distinct advantage, particularly if your function is for instance in the middle of a field or large public area

The interior has been designed with the operator in mind and no interior bolts or fixings are fitted, ensuring safe use when cleaning

The main advantage is the transportation of the machine to your event. Unlike The Spit Roaster version, the pig cannot become loose from the spit in transit meaning attendance times at the event can be kept to a minimum. This is particularly useful for instance for a butcher where running the shop on a Saturday is a must

Large capacity Hog Tray

Large capacity Hog Tray in use at an event

Dual Burner Bars

Dual Burner Bars

Dual stainless steel tubular burner bars run the full length of the roaster. Both are independently fed assuring total control of the cooking process and at all times

Quality, Lockable Wheels

Quality Wheels

Four large eight inch wheels, two of which are fully braked and easily manoueverable over soft or uneven ground. The larger solid wheels ensure care-free positioning

Large Insulated Handles

Large Insulated Handles

Never burn your hands on the lid with 3 large heat-shielded High Density Polyethylene handles with strong stainless spacer bars fitted to each lid

Quality Gas Fittings

Quality Gas Fittings

We only use fittings of the highest quality and spares and back-up support are available at all times