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Helps ensure even cooking for the whole pig

The Elite Back Bracket

Superb Crackling Results – Every Time

This clever accessory allows the pig’s back to be placed higher in the Hog Tray during the cooking process

Invariably this means that the skin is exposed to higher temperatures and ultimately this gives more lift during the early stages of cooking, generating superior crackling

It also allows the heat to radiate inside the stomach cavity ensuring more yield, better results and produces mouth-watering honey-comb filled crackling

  • Superior Crackling
  • Ideal for the event caterer
  • Available in both Standard and Giant Hog Tray options
  • Enables other joints of meat to be placed under the stomach cavity thereby creating more profit for the operator
  • Produces more yield
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to Clean
  • UK Manufactured in heavy-duty 304 Stainless Steel
Quick and simple to fit

Fits standard and large Hog Trays

Simple design, quality manufacture

Consistent Crackling every time!