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The Conversion Warming Kit - Keeps the main event piping hot while carving

The Elite Conversion Warming Kit

Designed to keep the pig piping hot and the meat succulent until extended serving times are completed

Quick and easy to set up

When in use with the standard Hog Tray the chafing dish sits conveniently at one end and the 2 x side plates are sited alongside the length of the hog tray

With a Giant Hog Tray only 2 extended side plates are required which means there is no chafing dish

As well as keeping the cooked meat at the correct and safe temperature, the chafing dish can be used for a variety of uses and to extend your menu offering, such as gravy, sauces, meat, vegetables or even as an extra holding area for meat

The Elite Conversion Warming Kit in action
Sharpe's Hog Roast

The Conversion Warming Kit did everything you told me it would Steve. Recently we were at a large public event and we used all the existing pork we had left and this was kept this warm and succulent within the stuffing tray.

This was immensely successful and our customers loved the taste as we simply added sticky BBQ sauce to the meat. I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to add a different offering at their next event, particularly useful for the event caterer

Trevor Sharpe – Sharpes Hog Roast, Spalding


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