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Elite Professional Oven Cleaner Gel

Elite Industrial Cleaning Gel

What feels like the worst job in the world just got a whole lot better!

As every hog roaster knows, the worst job in the world is cleaning your machine after a busy Hog Roast event

Ever since I have been in the industry you have been asking me which is the best cleaning product available and which one do I recommend

Having used a wide variety of products over the years I have used many kinds all with differing results, until now!

Over the last 12 months I have been working closely with a specialist cleaning company and between us we have formulated, in my opinion, the best cleaning product available – The Elite Gel Oven Cleaner

It really is really easy to use

The gel is supplied in 2 × 5 litre containers and will clean the Roaster approximately 5 – 6 times per container

Our price is £24.95 + P & P (£15.90) = £40.85 + VAT per 10 litres