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The perfect business opportunity on Civvy Street

We offer information and resources to help you make the transition from the Armed Forces to becoming a successful, professional Hog Roast Chef and event Caterer

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Hog and Rooster

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Brett Hindle, Managing Director
Hog & Rooster

After serving in the Royal Artillery for 22 years from 1990 to 2012 I spent a lot of time researching which business I would start in Civvy Street

During this period I met the lady of my life who lived in Grimsby in Lincolnshire and with me being based in Wiltshire we spent a lot of time travelling to meet each other, often attending various functions and catering events

In my army life one of my roles was the Officers Mess Manager and with this experience I felt certain that I could offer a better service with higher standards than those I personally had experienced

So after extensive research I found Elite Hog Roast Machines and was excited by the quality and extensive range of their equipment and arranged to meet Steve Cullum himself on my next trip to Grimsby

Quality Photography Matters!

"Quality Photography is crucial"

After a detailed meeting and with a view to simply ordering the equipment, I was amazed to find Steve offered a whole variety of business support services too, from the training of on-site cooking and how to use the equipment safely, to a whole spectrum of marketing support services as well

Effective Branding and Marketing are key to success!

The importance of branding and marketing

Steve has since designed my new corporate image for me, produced a range of business stationery, as well as providing my van and trailer graphics too

He also arranged through one of his contacts a friend who kindly lent us his luxurious home for the day so we could do a photoshoot showing the benefits of using Hog and Rooster. This resulted in a new corporate brochure and a range of inserts and this has resulted in me winning many high profile hotel contracts. In fact the quickest time I have been awarded a deal from walking in and presenting my brochure to the hotel manager is only 6 minutes!

Brett Hindle

Brett Hindle

Hog and Rooster

The Hog Roast Specialists


07792 871 181

In short I cannot sing Steve’s praises highly enough. The equipment is second to none, I now own 3 Elite Machines and, as before, the back up and support I've received has proven invaluable to me ensuring that my business has not only become well established, but also a successful one too

If you're looking to leave the Armed Forces then I can’t recommend Elite Hog Roast Machines highly enough as they are a superb company to do business with, supported by a very high level of personal service

Swine Dining Hog Roasts

I was a Chef in the RAF for 25 years, with extensive catering experience. I was Regiment Chef for 3 Squadron based in Northern Ireland and I was regularly used to feeding between 150 and 300 personnel on a daily basis

When I was stationed in The Gulf I was part of a very busy catering team and we often fed up to 1700 people at every meal during the course of each day

On Air Days it wasn’t unusual to feed up to 2000 people per day

With this vast experience I was always keen to offer catering once I left the RAF and I was recommended to Steve and his team through my funding team up here in Saltburn. Steve helped me prepare cash flow forecasts and breakdown costs of various Hog Roast functions and with his extensive support, I was able to raise the necessary finance by providing a business plan of strength and depth

Steve also offered the service of cooking with me at the busy street market in Saltburn and he came across on 2 occasions and helped prepare the pig, showed me his diamond-scoring tips as well as advice on cooking and carving too. I found this support invaluable in the early days and this has really helped me to establish my business

Since then I have purchased an Elite machine, hog tray, trailer and BBQ plates and I definitely will be purchasing more equipment for this season

I cannot sing Steve’s praises highly enough and if you are starting in the hog roast business for the first time, then make sure that you give him a call. I’m certainly glad I did!

Richard Willis – Managing Director
Swine Dining


07794 095 894

Apple & Hog

Apple and Hog offers quality hog roast catering at venues in and around Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and further afield. Based just outside Wisbech, Apple and Hog is the brainchild of ex-army infantryman Daz, who started the business after leaving the British Army

After leaving the army in 2009 I had a few odd jobs afterwards, but nothing I was passionate about. I always wanted to give back to the community and the people and I knew the only way to do that was to be my own boss and offer a quality service that people deserve

The opportunity to start Apple and Hog came about when I attended one of Steve seminars in Grimsby and I quickly found that by talking with his customers that this was definitely the best machine available

The day gave me a great insight into the hog roasting world and what I liked most of all that no one tried to sell to me and the everyone was happy and keen to help me become established and to not make the mistakes that they had when they started, with no support

Having cooked with Steve I found my own style of running the business and I have since gone on from strength to strength

I found this support, especially in the early days invaluable and if you are looking to start your own hog roasting business then I can certainly recommend you attending one of his seminars. You won’t be disappointed

Darren "Daz" Williamson – Managing Director
Apple & Hog


01945 420 817 or 07554 017 183

The Moray Hog Roast Company

I had to make the daunting step of leaving a 30 year career in the RAF and find a new avenue to explore. With a catering background I just wanted to stay within the catering environment but do something a little different. After many many hours of research the Elite Hog Roast was the obvious choice to start my new business

The seminar I attended with Steve left me in no doubt whatsoever. I then persuaded my wife who was unconvinced with my new venture to also attend and after meeting Steve and seeing the Elite in action she was in total agreement

We both owe Steve and his team a huge debt of gratitude, his professional approach, his advice and continued support has been invaluable. We appreciated Steve making the long journey to the North of Scotland to help the Moray Hog Roast Company with its biggest event to date where we served over 750 visitors. We look forward to the continued relationship with Steve and his team and the purchase of a second machine in the near future

I would recommend Steve and the team to anyone looking to start their own Hog Roast business

Kev & Ali Spiller – The Moray Hog Roast Company


07884 254 293