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The Elite Starter Kit

All items available separately

The Elite Starter Kit

Includes all the items required for a Professional Hog Roast start-up

The starter kit includes everything you will need to prepare, cook and carve at your function. With over 21 years of experience and having cooked in excess of 1200 Hog Roasts, this is the equipment we use ourselves and will give you great results. Perfect diamond-scoring and carving techniques are made easy, even for the novice

Wow your Customers at your next event with the professional’s choice!

Package includes: 6 × Bobbins of Butcher’s Twine, 200 × Powdered Vinyl Gloves, ThermaCheck Digital Thermometer/Probe, Oven Temperature Guage, Victorinox Carving Fork, German made Oval Steel, Victorinox Carving Knife, Victorinox Bread Knife, Boning Knife, Craft Knife Including 1 × Blade, Swann Morton Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle with 100 × Scalpel Blades, Butcher’s Hacksaw Including 1 × Blade and a Trussing Needle